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lift-out puzzles 

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Stick Boom is an incredible chain reaction game. A construction and patience game with a surprising domino effect. Wooden strips, sold in a cardboard box.
Twenty-four piece Wooden Memory Game in a wooden box with a farm theme.
Large hanging board, with blackboard on one side to write with chalk and on the other side, a magnetic whiteboard for felt pens and magnets, includes a pencil box for storing writing accessories.
This educational game consisting of eighty illustrated magnets is ideal for children to write their first words.
Three-hundred piece cardboard puzzle illustrating in detail the map of France. Puzzle sold in a pretty box in the shape of France. Perfect to learn the names of French departments, rivers, seas and oceans and neighbouring countries but also to discover regional specificities.
This box contains 20 wooden pieces with illustrations. Children can learn to count while having fun!
Five hundred piece cardboard puzzle of the map of the world with lots of details and attractive illustrations. Perfect to learn the names of countries, their capitals and cities, major rivers, seas and oceans... Discover the fauna, flora and customs specific to each country.
56 magnetic numbers for children to learn to count on the family fridge or on a magnetic board.
56 uppercase magnetic letters so children can create their first words on the family fridge or on a magnetic board.
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