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Game of observation and speed: you must be the first to find the drawing on the chosen card. Beware of trick cards!
Select a card and reconstruct the image with the magnets on the magnetic whiteboard! This large magnetic whiteboard allows children to develop their creativity.
A classic board game, revisited and illustrated by designer Ingela P. Arrhenius.
Throw the die and try to stack the sixteen fish on Whaly the wooden whale by following the colours. Careful! Don't let them fall.
Thirty illustrations to reconstruct with eighty wooden magnets on a farm theme. Illustrations by Mélusine Allirol. Easily transportable box with vertical panel so children can play anywhere!
This educational game consisting of eighty illustrated magnets is ideal for children to write their first words.
Mikado Pick-up Sticks game in wood, the aim is to pick up sticks without moving others. Rule book in several languages included. Made in France.
Three-hundred piece cardboard puzzle illustrating in detail the map of France. Puzzle sold in a pretty box in the shape of France. Perfect to learn the names of French departments, rivers, seas and oceans and neighbouring countries but also to discover regional specificities.
This box contains 20 wooden pieces with illustrations. Children can learn to count while having fun!
Attractive compendium of games adapted for toddlers, with a farm theme. Includes a puzzle of 16 large pieces, a Shove ha'penny Game, a Goose Game and a Magnetic Fishing Game with two rods. It will keep the little ones occupied all afternoon!
Five hundred piece cardboard puzzle of the map of the world with lots of details and attractive illustrations. Perfect to learn the names of countries, their capitals and cities, major rivers, seas and oceans... Discover the fauna, flora and customs specific to each country.
Magnetic doll to dress up as you please with lovely wooden clothes and accessories. 37 pieces – Magnetic doll: 22 cm high.
Four wooden puzzles of six pieces, on the theme of the four seasons, sold in a beautiful illustrated wooden box.
Four wooden puzzles of six pieces, on the theme of the zoo, sold in a beautiful illustrated wooden box.
Four wooden puzzles of six pieces, on the theme of the house, sold in a beautiful illustrated wooden box.
Large metal box with illustrations by Nathalie Lété containing all you need to create beautiful artworks. Contains twenty-four poster paints and two brushes.
The first to reconstruct the whole image wins! Game with more than one hundred cards and four levels of difficulty.
Superb set of traditional wooden games with illustrations by Nathalie Lété. Game of Draughts, Ludo, Backgammon, Goose Game and a deck of cards. Made in France.
Have fun dressing Lucas with these wooden puzzles. Many combinations are possible. 18 Wooden pieces
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