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Yam's game whose goal is to make combinations that follow on with the five dice to win the most points! This wooden box contains five wooden dice, score sheets, a pencil and rule book in several languages. Made in France.
Farm themed puzzles suitable for young children. 5 puzzles of 3, 4, 5, 6 and 8 pieces with increasing difficulty, in a pretty box in the shape of a rooster.
Beautiful magnetic wooden map of the world, full of details and attractive illustrations, to learn how to locate countries. 78 wooden pieces.
Wooden game with thirty-three pieces to build cows using the picture wheel. The first to build a cow has won! Rule book in several languages included.
3D Animal Puzzle. Wooden pieces
Ideal to learn printing techniques, this complete set contains the whole alphabet: uppercase and lowercase letters, punctuation and decorative elements. 76 pieces and 4 ink pads. Sold in a wooden box. From 4 years of age.
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