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Ladybird Skipping Rope with lacquered wooden handles - Made in France
12,90 €
In Stock

A timeless favourite, this colourful high-quality French Skipping Elastic allows children to have fun while improving their agility.
4,20 €
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Not available

These 42 multicoloured windmills will delight toddlers!

Wind up the rubber band then release it to propel the boat.
6,50 €
In Stock

Skipping Rope with pink lacquered solid wooden handles. Polka dot wooden handles adapted to the smallest of hands. Made in France.
11,50 €
In Stock

Giant Diabolo with two wooden sticks to perform countless tricks. Made in France.
13,90 €
In Stock

Jokari Set in solid wood, sold in a bag - Made in France
34,90 €
In Stock
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