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Nathalie Lété 

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Superb accordion decorated with illustrations by Nathalie Lété for children to discover the magic of music.
Three beautifully illustrated cardboard nesting cases on a nature theme, illustrations by Nathalie Lété.
With these twenty wooden magnets illustrated by Nathalie Lété, children can learn the names of animals while having fun.
Large metal box with illustrations by Nathalie Lété containing all you need to create beautiful artworks. Contains twenty-four poster paints and two brushes.
Superb set of traditional wooden games with illustrations by Nathalie Lété. Game of Draughts, Ludo, Backgammon, Goose Game and a deck of cards. Made in France.
Superb Wooden Piano with eighteen keys, decorated with bucolic illustrations by Nathalie Lété. Sold with ten sheets of music to learn how to tickle the ivories.
Wooden Guitar with six real strings, decorated with illustrations by Nathalie Lété. Children can improve their musical skills and compose lovely tunes. Guitar with 6 real nylon strings. Sold with plectrum and one spare string.
A teapot, four metal cups with saucers, four plates and a tray, comes in a suitcase. With illustrations by Nathalie Lété.
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